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Senior Service Design Consultant

Since April 2023 I've been working as a Senior Service Design Consultant for Opencast. As the client work that I've been doing is through Opencast, I'm unable to share too many project details (images in particular) of the work that I've been engaged with. However I can provide some high-level information about the work I've engaged in and continue to deliver.

My clients have included:

Valuation Office Agency
Supporting design thinking for a wide-ranging and complex change programme around Business Rates in Alpha phase, as well as leading service design methodologies for an inexperienced team.

Tasks include:

  • Leading service design methodologies

  • Workshop facilitation

  • Insights development

  • Service mapping, service blueprinting

  • Ecosystem mapping

  • Managing both team level agile delivery with cross-cutting higher level design thinking

  • Mentoring others in service design methodologies


  • Design leadership and promoting the value of service design methodologies in an immature design environment

  • Challenging existing processes to encourage greater focus on user need

  • Building the design capacity and knowledge within my team and beyond

  • Mentoring less experienced consultants

  • Gearing the programme of work up to meet the design requirements of an Alpha assessment

A new and current cross-cutting design lead role for the Borders and Trade and Policy Driven Change programmes.


Tasks include:

  • Managing a number of service designers across multiple streams of work in a variety of different project stages.

  • Covering various programmes that are unsupported by specific service designers

  • Leading design thinking, promoting the value of service design methodologies and human-centred design 

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